Cynthia Aaronson



Cynthia Aaronson


Cynthia S. Aaronson, MS

Managing Partner



     Areas of Expertise

- Team Effectiveness

- Leadership Development

- Strategic Planning

- Implementation

- Organizational Change

- Effectiveness

- Consulting Skills

Cynthia S. Aaronson is an organizational development consultant, trainer and coach focusing in the areas of team development, communication, performance management, consulting skills and leadership.  Cynthia brings an insightful, inclusive and direct approach to her client work, which helps organizations make effective decisions and see results more quickly.

Team Effectiveness: Cynthia specializes in “teams in transition” or teams where the teamwork is not where it should be.  These could be teams in high change, newly formed teams, teams with new leadership, teams with new responsibilities.  She has worked with hundreds of teams in a wide variety of organizations to address key issues and enhance performance.

Leadership Development and Coaching: Cynthia has worked with leaders and managers to identify their leadership style, improve their communication, set strategy and address obstacles.  She has created a variety of workshops to develop leaders at every level of an organization. 

Strategic Planning and Implementation: Cynthia utilizes a very practical approach to strategic planning which is designed to identify key issues and opportunities and then implement the plan as quickly as possible.  This approach prevents some of the “analysis paralysis” that occurs when attempting an over-arching strategic plan.

Organization Change and Effectiveness: Cynthia has worked with a number of organizations during large change events and initiatives to help them ask the right questions and plan for the real issues.

Consulting Skills Development: Everyone’s a consultant in their own organization.  To be an effective consultant, there are some key skills and techniques that add to the success.

Leadership Workshops and Products: 

Consulting Skills

- Delivering Difficult Messages

- Communicating with Others

-  Influence Skills

-  Delivering Difficult Messages

-  Managing Conflict

-  Negotiation Skills

-  Effective Presentation Skills

-  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

-  Disc Instrument

-  Meeting Management

Management and Supervision

-   Skills for New Supervisors

-   Developing Others

-   Coaching

-   Becoming a Manager

-   Working with Technical People

-   Giving Effective Feedback

-   Delegating

-   Managing Difficult People

-   Performance Management

-   Preparing Performance Appraisals

-   Human Resources Topics

Team Building

-  Coaching

-  Team Effectiveness

-  Change Management

-  Respect in the Workplace

-  Experiential Learning
      (Indoor Ropes)

-  Group Facilitation